Enquiries and research

If you have an enquiry about the museum’s collection email it to our Collections Officer, Chloe Wong, or write to the museum. We will be delighted to help.
Email Chloe Wong

Family history

The museum is home to the Register of Nurses in the East – a list of the 229 women who went in an official capacity to nurse at the British Military Hospital during the Crimean War, 1854-1856. The Register has been digitised and every page can be seen in the museum through an interactive book. If you can’t visit the museum, contact the Collections Officer who will be able to help.

The museum collection includes material about the origins of the Nightingale Training School, which opened in 1860, as well as about its early probationer nurses. If you would like to know more about a relative who trained at the Nightingale Training School School, the archivist at the London Metropolitan Archives would be glad to hear from you, as they hold the records and archives from the Nightingale Training School and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Donating items to the museum

If you have an object that you think we can help you find more information about then please send a photograph and any information you know about it to the Collections Officer. Please do not post any item to the museum for identification.

The museum has a Collections Development Policy and collects items which strictly adhere to this policy. We collect items that were owned by or given to Florence Nightingale, items associated with her work in the Crimean War, her work in army health reform, her work in sanitation and hospital planning and items that reflect her nursing legacy, as well as the origins of the Nightingale Training School.

Many of our objects have been acquired through the kind donation of individuals. If you have an item that you believe fits our collecting policy and you would to like to enquire about donating it to the museum, please send a photograph and as much information as you know about it to the Collections Officer, or contact her to arrange an appointment to discuss it further.

Please do not bring items to the museum without the agreement of the Collections Officer; it may not be possible for the museum to accept them.


The majority of the museum’s objects are on public display; however we do have some material kept in our archive and store. The museum offers research facilities to bone fide researchers in the history and work of Florence Nightingale and where the researcher can identify material that can only be found in our collection. If you have a research enquiry, contact the Collections Officer with the research topic to make an appointment and discuss it further. Please allow the museum a good amount of notice so that a suitable space and time can be allotted to your enquiry.

There is no charge to researchers except the admission charge to the museum; we are always mindful of the sustainability of our resources so if you wish to photograph or photocopy anything we will ask for a donation.