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Past projects

Spanish Flu Exhibition

In August 2018 we welcomed five new young people to our youth panel, joining us just before the opening of our Spanish Flu exhibition in September 2018. During their time in the youth panel they created a family workshop all about germs, becoming “Germ Detectives”, and took over the museum for Children’s Takeover Day in November.

Working in collaboration with Chocolate Film, the Youth Panel made a short film about Spanish flu, raising awareness of how we can avoid another deadly outbreak today.

Be the fairest of them all

In August 2015 our youth panel took part in a project based around our summer exhibition, The Kiss of Light: Nursing and Light Therapy in 20th Century Britain. Three young people worked together to examine the notions of beauty, pallor and sun damage for young people today.

The group met every Friday for four weeks and decided they wanted to target young people and raise awareness about the risks of the sun and also tackle the pressures from the media to be tanned. To achieve this they created a booklet for the exhibition and decided to try to reach more young people through using social media, and took part in Twitter Takeover. They also took part in a poetry workshop with Simon Barraclough, author of Sun Spots, to create their own poem about the sun.

View their exhibition booklet

Be the fairest of them all

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A Nurse’s Story

In August 2014 we recruited six young people to take part in our First World War exhibition, Hospital in the Oatfield: The Art of Nursing in the First World War. The group worked with the museum team to feed into the interpretation of the exhibition. They took part in a creative writing workshop and brainstormed themes to create a storyboard and write personal interpretation relating to nursing during the First World War.

View their scrapbook – “A Nurse’s Story”

Youth panel film

This short film was created by members of our Youth Panel. In it, they re-interpret the collection and explain why the story of Florence Nightingale is still inspiring for young people today.

Spanish Flu: Reinterpreted by Florence Nightingale Museum’s Youth Panel

The Florence Nightingale Museum Youth Panel wanted to put a spotlight the Spanish flu pandemic and raise awareness of ways we can avoid another outbreak today. Facilitated over a full day with Chocolate Films, the young people had creative control of this film from pre-production to post-production.